Games of 2012

Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3


This is it.  The one we have been waiting for.  It is Bioware’s thrilling conclusion to the greatest sci-fi epic to ever appear in the interactive entertainment industry.  Will it go down with the likes of Ender’s Game, Star Wars, Battlestar Galatica, and Star Trek?  Can Bioware rebound from the mediocrity that was Dragon Age 2?  Only time will tell.


Bioshock Infinite


Irrational Games proved themselves to be masters at interactive storytelling with the original Bioshock.  Infinite promises to be bigger, better, and even more gripping.  At this point, hype could not be higher, and really all of it is justified.  The game looked fantastic at last year’s e3.  I can’t wait to explore that city in the sky and get pulled into another psychological thriller.


Halo 4


Bungie’s swan song, Halo Reach, was good but not great.  Yea, the campaign was the best of the entire series.  However, the multiplayer just wasn’t the same and its lack of popularity shows that.  Was it banhammer?  The mute ban?  A lack of fantastic maps at launch?  343 Studios now has the opportunity to breathe new life into the iconic series and that couldn’t have come at a better time.




Saints Row The Third offered ridiculous sandbox fun but left me wanting in the story department.  Rockstar’s next installment in the GTA series promises to fill that void with beautiful visuals, unique characters, and a gritty tale.  The king of sandbox goodness returns.


Borderlands 2


The original Borderlands was a surprise hit and delivered one of the best co-op experiences in this generation of gaming.  To put it simply: it was a blast to play.  The sequel looks to build upon that solid foundation and make it even better.  Count me in.


The Witcher 2


This PC masterpiece is finally making its way to the Xbox 360 and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it.  I love that player choice actually matters here.  Add to that solid story and engaging gameplay and you have yourself the makings of a fantastic RPG.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


Every time I see something on this game I think this is what Fable should have become.  Reckoning promises to bring innovation to the RPG genre and every trailer, screenshot, interview, and preview seems to confirm they are well on their way to doing just that.

Assassins Creed 3


I have really enjoyed traveling through time and getting my assassinations on.  The question is, will the story that wraps up Desmond’s arc go out with a bang or a whimper?  Revelations started to show the cracks that come from annual releases.  I hope Creed 3 gets the attention it deserves and silences all of my doubts.


Tomb Raider


The trailer blew me away.  If Square Enix can capitalize on the potential this reboot has to offer, then this one could be in the talk for game of the year.  However, I say all of this with caution.  Time will be the judge.


Max Payne 3


Rockstar has earned my confidence with its continual stream of great games.  Max Payne 3 is no exception.  The promise is a quality film noir story with an innovative multiplayer package strapped in.  The timing seems perfect all that’s left is the execution.

High hopes for:  Hitman Absolution, Naruto’s Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Asura’s Wrath, TC Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Far Cry 3, and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.


Fading hopes but holding out for a surprise:  Dragon’s Dogma, FFXIII-2, Darksiders 2, Prototype 2, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Star Trek.

Too little info known:  Ryse and Fortnight.


by D.L. Timmerman

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