Random Poetry

This stuff is more than 13 years old. Might as well embarrass myself by posting it online.


My world is breaking down
And the walls are caving in
Weak and frail I stumble to the ground
O my enemies, fierce and mighty
They are more than the hairs upon my head
But I tell you what they do is nothing compared to what has happened to me
Sure they bite, they rip, they claw, they tear
They lash at me with their tongues and gape at me with their mouths
But it is as nothing compared to what has happened to me
Yes they attacked me, pursued me, and viciously stalked me
In the darkest caverns of my mind I can see them laughing at me
As a thief snatches away his goods, so they have sought to take my life
They harass me and mock me, attempt to rattle me
But it is as nothing compared to what has happened to me
Like a stab to my eye
Or a jab to my heart
So was the pain I felt
When you my friend
Decided to join them.

Dream Girl

I kneel down beside my bed
Half perplexed, half confused; with many questions wandering through my head.
I shake about in disbelief, thinking it could never be true,
Nor believing you’ll bring along someone who loves me as much as you
I choke and gasp, but finally relax
And whispered a half-hearted prayer
Not knowing if it will ever make its way to you
O Lord I say in such a way
You would think I’d died about yesterday
If it be dear God that you would hear me this day
I just have a little prayer to say
I mean it from the bottom of my heart that I don’t know where to start
But I’m going to give it a try anyway
I sometimes dream about that special one who makes me complete
She has no face, nor figure, neither a voice by which I may hear her
Just a heart by which I may feel her
A heart so desperately in need of love
I marvel at the way she glows
So delicate, so fragile, like a little rose
Yet she can’t be an angel for even they step back and blush
She’s so amazing, she’s so precious, she’s as gentle as a dove
Yet so cunning, so brave, so honestly made
That it’s simply enough to make you say
She’s the one you wish about on a shooting star
Rather then lift her voice in rage; she bends her knees to pray
She purrs like a kitten and roars like a lion
And yet she never seeks to put me down
My lips break open and burst into a smile
As I picture her as innocent as a child
But how could this be that I have fallen in love with someone I can’t even see?
Well it’s very simple you see
I wasn’t looking for a cheap thrill but a love that is real
You see I’ve fallen in love with her heart
O Lord I wonder if you ever will bring along that special someone
Who truly loves me as much as you.

God’s Little Poem

A masterful stroke
Of my Savior’s hand
This is how my story began
For on that day
Before the earth was made
I was already on His mind
In His heart, in His thoughts
Never once has He left my side
He tenderly whispers in my ear
As He wipes away my tears
Something so sweet and wonderful
It always makes me cry
For though I know He’ll never leave me
And surely He always sees me
There’s something even more wonderful here than meets the eye
For He took this shattered clay
And formed it into a work of art
With each loving wave of my masters pen
I know for a certainty
His love for me will never end
Covering me with His grace
Washing me with His blood
Writing His name upon my head
And calling me His own
And so His words beat deep down in my soul
“You’re My little poem
Made for my glory
Of heavenly design
Reflecting My image
So shall you be
For you are My workmanship
And I am you King”
And the same goes for you
If you’ve given Him your life
You’re God’s little poem
Whom He had in mind
Even before He began time.

I Remember II

So as a choir of birds continue to play their tune
A familiar song begins to play
Angels flap their wings with delight
As the wind blows mightily against my face
And I remember
A time when I was dead
So empty, so lost, so desperately weak
I cried for help but none would hear
I fell to my knees to beg but none did care
I remember
My heart could tell you so
Of a time I thought love was dead
But look at me now, so blissful and full of fire
I’m so alive and will never die again
And I remember
The day you spoke those words to me
The day you made me a child once again
When you took a hold of this wretched rag doll
And made him into a man
I remember
O please don’t let me forget
The day I cried, I laughed, I shook my head, and shouted out for joy
For it seems so long ago
And I don’t want to be lost again
I remember
The day you held me tight
And promised to never let me go
But so unlike a fly caught in a spider’s web
More as a mother clinging to her newborn baby
And I remember
The day you sang that song to me
You broke my heart and set me free
You collected my tears into your bottle
And breathed new life into me
I remember
You fixed these broken wings
You healed my shattered heart
You gave me eyes so that I could look upon your face
And a love so rich so real, it’s as honey to my lips
And I remember
How could I forget?
The day I heard you say three simple words
That sent me to my knees
The day you said, “I love you,”
O promise me you’ll never let me forget.

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