Quick Goodbye, A New Hello

When I first set out to build a social media platform, I did so with the intention to simply have fun. Yes, I realized the pressure put on young writers to have a massive online presence. (By the way, this is completely wrong – social media presence is not as valuable as you might think). Indeed, it was one thing impressed upon me during my one year studying professional writing at Taylor University. I’ll never forget my first writing conference either. However, I never wanted to take social media too seriously, nor did I want it to become a massive time sink. It was a tool, and outlet, and no more.

If 2020 has shown me anything, it’s centered me on the things that really matter. I’ve drawn closer to God, I’ve dug deep into a foundation firm in truth, enjoyed valuable time with my family, and spent a good chunk of my days considering my future: dreams, goals, and plans. I also watched a good many people, for lack of better words, go crazy. Social media became a roller coaster descending deeper and deeper down into madness.

There was no room for fun. No, not anymore. Jokes were forbidden. Free thought, frowned upon. No room to agree to disagree. Think as I think or else. Like the wrong tweet, follow the wrong person, or believe the wrong thing, and you’re canceled. Not a good option for someone as absent-minded as myself. And they don’t just cancel your social media. They come for your job, your home, and even your family. I watched people I knew get sucked in, becoming shadows of what they once were. I then watched as others I knew were consumed right before my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Dramatic? Maybe. I’ve witnessed a generation arise with itching ears and a desire to do good, but who lack a foundation of truth. Lines are draw in the sand with no room for unity, for compromise, for common decency or for love. Those who profess to be experts but lack practical experience. Who theorize upon couches but can’t be bothered to get their boots dirty in the trenches. They think, but only what their party tells them too or what the mob dictates. Problem solving? No. Critical thinking? No. Full of words, but no substance. Full of morality but no morals. And everyone is at each other’s throats, as if at war, and no one is slowing down to just take a breath…and breathe.

So, to that, I say my quick goodbye. A quick goodbye to Twitter, to my author page on Facebook, and to the vast swath of social media I built the last three years. I reached around 80k people a week. Not bad. Could be better. But it wasn’t on my terms. I didn’t control the narrative. Instead, people can take what you say and make it sound like whatever they want and that’s not for me.

So, as I consider whether I will keep my personal Facebook and Instagram, the last remnants of social media outside of YouTube and my website, I’m relieved. A giant weight falls off my shoulders. The stress melts away. My time is freed for school, work, writing, guitar playing, martial arts, church and family. This website is a wonderful outlet for building something as I see to it. Gradually, but steadily. Without censorship. Just with a freedom to create.

I’m super stoked about writing projects in the works. I have massive opportunities opening up for me, career wise, while my family continues to grow. The world may be on fire, but I won’t be burnt. I’m not going to live a life in fear. Instead, just love.

I want to encourage others. To write the good stories. To tell the tales I have always wanted to explore. And I’m doing so in pursuit of the God who loved me so much he died for me, in my place. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. And I know who has a hold of me. And so, this is my new hello. Welcome to new beginnings. Feel free to stick around. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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