About Me

Analyst. Author. Martial Artist.

I penned the tale of children, swamp beasts, and evil corporations threatening to build luxury hotels at the age of five, and it’s been downhill since. Oh sure. I have written short stories like “Nebula” that go on to win awards. Or “Christmas Day” that won an Author Fest. Or “HeadSpace” that won a 24 Hour Film Fest. And a dozen others I can’t remember at the moment.

For me, writing is a journey, I am just along for the ride. I have more than a hundred articles, reviews, devotionals, short stories, and poems published in over a dozen publications. I wrote for OC Register as a Teen Movie Critic. I spent another year doing freelance writing for Renown Magazine and CM Central. I spent three years of my life at Infuze Magazine as an entertainment journalist. I have written crazy comic strips like “Insanity 101.” Radio scripts that have made their way to broadcast. I wrote and directed my own silent film noir. I’ve done work on a TV set, and I have even written a graphic novel script. Oh, and I co-founded a little Twitter group called #WriteFightGifClub.

Other writing projects include technical writing, business writing, journalism, coding, copy editing, and public relations. Not to mention marketing.

During the day, I have forged a path as a project manager and a intelligence analyst with over 12,000 investigative hours. I am in the process of finishing school and pushing towards becoming an enterprise architect. All of that, of course, while someday owning my own little publishing studio.

I have a passion for writing stories. Entertaining people with stories that make you think, that engage both your brain and your heart, that always leave you wanting more. If I make you cry, or cringe, or leap for joy, then I’ve done my job. The readers. Like you. That’s who i work for. And I love it.

Exp: Investigative Intelligence Analyst, Data Analytics, Project Mgmt, Sales, Marketing, Writing, Editing, Customer Service, Human Resources, and Office Admin.

Fav shows: BBC Sherlock, 24, Suits, Monk, The Office, Parks and Rec, Star Trek TNG, Avatar: LAB, TimVerse (Batman, Superman, JLU), Downton Abbey, Chosen, The Mandalorian, & Great British Bake-off.

Currently: re-watching Suits

Fav games: Mass Effect (trilogy), Dragon Age (series), Elder Scrolls (series), The Witcher (series), Halo (series), Zelda (series), FireEmblem: Three Houses, Batman Arkham (series), Spiderman (PS4), Metroid (series), KOTOR I/II, Splinter Cell (series), Jade Empire, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War (PS4).

Currently Playing: Spellbreak

(Few)Fav Authors: Brandon Sanderson, CS Lewis, Brian McClellan, Wes Chu, JRR Tolkien, SA Chakraborty, Tom Clancy, Evan Winters, Steven James, Orson Scott Card, Edgar Allen Poe, and Jane Austin

Currently Reading: Full Metal Alchemist (Full Metal Edition series) and Avatar: The Rise of Kyoshi

Fav Movies: Braveheart, Gladiator, T2, The Fugitive, Clear and Present Danger, Hunt for Red October, Avengers: Infinity War, Indiana Jones (trilogy), Star Wars, LOTR, and John Wick (series).

Martial Arts: Kempo (2yrs), Kuk Sool Won (2yrs), and Kenpo (5yrs+). Additional classes in BJJ, Krav Maga, Aikido, and Judo.

Fav Hobbies: Guitar, Working Out, MTG, Baking Bread, Figures, and Gardening.

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