About Me

Analyst. Author. Investigator. Martial Artist. Guitarist.

I penned the tale of children, swamp beasts, and evil corporations threatening to build luxury hotels at the age of five, and it’s been downhill since. Oh sure. I have written short stories like “Nebula” that go on to win awards. Or “Christmas Day” that won an Author Fest. Or “HeadSpace” that won a 24 Hour Film Fest. And a dozen others I can’t remember at the moment.

For me, writing is a journey, I am just along for the ride. I have more than a hundred articles, reviews, devotionals, short stories, and poems published in over a dozen publications. I wrote for OC Register as a Teen Movie Critic. I spent another year doing freelance writing for Renown Magazine and CM Central. I spent three years of my life at Infuze Magazine as an entertainment journalist. I have written crazy comic strips like “Insanity 101.” Radio scripts that have made their way to broadcast. I wrote and directed my own silent film noir. I’ve done work on a TV set, and I have even written a graphic novel script. Oh, and I co-founded a little Twitter group called #WriteFightGifClub (please note that I retired from the group spring 2020).

Other writing projects include technical writing, business writing, journalism, coding, copy editing, and public relations. Not to mention marketing.

During the day, I have forged a path as a project manager, an intelligence analyst with over 13,000 investigative hours, and a data analyst. I am a Certified OSINT Expert and a Certified SOCMINT Analyst. I am in the process of continuing my training and education, which includes becoming a licensed private investigator in 2021.

I have a passion for writing stories. Entertaining people with stories that make you think, that engage both your brain and your heart, that always leave you wanting more. If I make you cry, or cringe, or leap for joy, then I’ve done my job. The readers. Like you. That’s who i work for. And I love it.

Exp: Investigative Intelligence Analyst (8yrs+), Data Analytics (7yrs+), Project Mgmt (10yrs), Sales & Marketing (10yrs), Writing & Editing (20yrs+), Customer Service (20yrs), Human Resources (1yr), and Office Admin (10yrs).

Fav shows: BBC Sherlock, 24, Leverage, Suits, Monk, The Office, Parks and Rec, Star Trek TNG, Avatar: LAB, TimVerse (Batman, Superman, JLU), Downton Abbey, Chosen, The Mandalorian, & Great British Bake-off.

Currently: Finishing Leverage

Fav games: Mass Effect (trilogy), Dragon Age (series), Elder Scrolls (series), The Witcher (series), Halo (series), Zelda (series), FireEmblem: Three Houses, Batman Arkham (series), Spiderman (PS4), Metroid (series), KOTOR I/II, Splinter Cell (series), Jade Empire, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War (PS4).

Currently Playing: Hades (my 2020 game of the year)

(Few) Fav Authors: Brandon Sanderson, CS Lewis, Brian McClellan, Wes Chu, JRR Tolkien, SA Chakraborty, Tom Clancy, Evan Winters, Steven James, Orson Scott Card, Edgar Allen Poe, and Jane Austin

Currently Reading: Full Metal Alchemist (Full Metal Edition series) and Avatar: The Rise of Kyoshi

Fav Movies: Braveheart, Gladiator, T2, The Fugitive, Clear and Present Danger, Hunt for Red October, Avengers: Infinity War, Indiana Jones (trilogy), Star Wars, LOTR, Die Hard, and John Wick (series).

Martial Arts: Kempo (2yrs), Kuk Sool Won (2yrs), and Kenpo (5yrs+). Additional classes in BJJ, Krav Maga, Aikido, and Judo. My present instructor in Kenpo is Mr. Cooper, a hall of fame martial artist and tournament winner who also trained Specials Forces for the US SOC. This version incorporates Muy Thai (knees, elbows, the clench, the wall), Kickboxing (kicks), Judo (throws, takedowns, rolling, falling), Karate/Western Boxing (blocks, punches), Kung-Fu (additional strikes, finger techniques), Japanese Jiu-Jitsu (standing grappling, pins, traps, armbars, chokes), and Aikido (finger locks, wrist locks) into a modernized version of Kenpo that includes counter BJJ and weapon training.

Fav Hobbies: Guitar, Working Out, MTG, Baking Bread, Figures, Fishing, Reading, and Gardening.

Current Writing Projects: A Grim Awakening, “Untitled Manga,” “Untitled Book”

Look for Vehemence in 2021!

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