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NFL Draft 2015 Predictions-Miami Dolphins

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I like what the Dolphins did this off season. Suh is a star caliber player that gives the defense attitude. Jordan Cameron brings a higher ceiling than Clay. Kenny Stills is a younger Mike Wallace that fits into the system better. I applaud the resigning of Delmas and Moore. I believe Dion Jordan would be a beast in the OLB position. I think Vernon and Wake are going to have a monster season. It is also time to see what those two young corners we picked up in the draft a couple years ago are capable of. Yes, this has been a good offseason for the Dolphins. The draft is on the horizon, making it the right time to dig into my hopeful predictions for this year’s draft. I’m not an NFL scout, but I have followed the team since 1990. I don’t know if that makes me an expert or a simpleton. I’m guessing both, but here goes:

  1. Devante Parker-Round One: Take a receiver. I love Landry as my number three slot receiver. I love Stills as my number two split/deep threat. I even think that Matthews has potential. What we need is a number one receiver in the likes of Andre Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, and Dez Bryant. Get Parker. Give Tannehill that extra punch in his toolbox. He is a reliable threat that can get you plenty of YAC and that works well with Tannehill’s short to intermediate passing game.
  2. Round Two: Take a running back. Lamar Miller is solid. Maybe even good. What he is not, however, is Le’Veon Bell or AP. What we need is a tank. A big, bruiser of a back in the likes of Eddie Lacy. Someone who can be the bowling ball to Miller’s flash. Wear down the defense, then bam, breeze by them for a TD. A strong run game establishes the play action and that is something that Tannehill excels at.
  3. Round Three: Guard. We need to solidify the talent on the Oline. I love our interior. I also think the guard we took in last year’s draft should be solid this year. Didn’t we trade our number three pick for Kenny Stills? Yep. That doesn’t rule us out from trading back into the round. Do it. Or trade for a young, solid guard utilizing our number four and one of our number five picks. Make it happen.

I am not going to bother going through the additional rounds. The philosophy of taking the best talent on the board is always going to be the best one to follow. I believe we use this year’s draft to retool the offense. Next year we use the draft to solidify our defense. It has been a while since I have had much reason to be excited about the Dolphins. I am beginning to get the vibe that may be about to change.

Miami Dolphins Mock Draft 2013


This year has been one of the most exciting offseasons for Dolphin fans in a long time. Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson, along with the resigning of Brian Hartline, upgraded our receiver corps from mediocre to solid (with the potential for greatness). Dustin Keller is a major upgrade over Egnew (I will get to Fasano later), giving Tannehill a quarterback friendly tightend who can stretch a defense. But the Fins have plenty of holes. They lost Jake Long at LT and they need an upgrade at guard over John Jerry. Reggie Bush is also gone and while Lamar Smith may be able to supplant him without missing a beat, I don’t have trust that Daniel Thomas is a reliable number 2 option at running back. Dustin Keller catches balls but stinks at blocking. And I haven’t even touched the defense and kicker position.


So many options, but what to do? I like Branden Albert, LT with the Chiefs. I understand it may take a second rounder to get him. I would love to have him for a 3rd rounder. Yes, he is expensive. But he is 28, durable, and a solid LT. It plugs up that spot for a few years. He may not play as good as Jake Long in his prime, but Jake Long doesn’t play as good as Jake Long did in his prime. Jake Long is also not very durable. I take my 1st round, pick 12, and I trade down in the first. I pick up an additional late round second pick and I trade that for Branden Albert.eddielacy

That late round first pick? I use that on Eddie Lacy. Why? He is an all-purpose bruiser. He is someone I can rely on in goal line stances and short yardage situations. He is a guy I can pound the ball with to wear down defenses. He is a solid blocker and would be a perfect compliment to the speed and agility of Lamar Smith. It would effectively give the Fins a great 1-2 punch at the running back position.


My first second round pick? Yea, I spend that on Tyler Eifert, the tightend from Norte Dame. Why? Because is an upgrade over Fasano. He’s younger, stronger, and more athletic. He can block and catch. Honestly, I can see him as becoming a significant redzone threat. He would give the Fins a great 1-2 at tightend which is important in today’s NFL.


That last 2nd rounder? If Manti Te’o is there, obviously I snag him. But he likely will not be. Therefore, I look to upgrade the guard position over John Jerry. I want my mediocre line to be solid for years to come. I need Tannehill to be protected. I need room for my running backs to move. Therefore, I spend the majority of my 2nd round energy ensuring my offensive line is anything but offensive. They are a young, talented group of very angry men. 5 angry men. I like that.


The 3rd round forces me to look at both the corner back and defensive end position. I have two picks so I take one of each. The best available, hands down. I use the fourth on a receiver. Why receiver? Because I want my receiver group to be that good. Two fifth rounders? One on a linebacker and one on a safety, for depth. Sixth round and I’m looking for a defensive tackle. 7th rounders and I’m looking to add a journeyman quarterback and a kick returner.  And I hope to enter training camp with a new kicker to compete with Carpenter.


What about the secondary? Yes, there are questions at free safety and corner back. The Fins also need pass rush help. But what I believe the Fins have done and will do is get better in their run defense and playmaking ability. They will create more turnovers. And I think they will be better in redzone defense. Also, with the major overhaul that the offense has gone through and will hopefully continue to get, you can only fix so many holes in a single year. Next year’s free agency and draft will shore up that secondary. Make this year about turning that Ford Pinto offense into a Ferrari and hand the keys to Tannehill.