Halloween Q & A

Halloween Q & A time! I was tagged by K.A. Dowling for this post

1. Are you a scaredy cat or a horror aficionado?

I’m Batman. But I don’t like straight-up horror. I do love psychological thrillers though.

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2. Would you ever consider writing a horror novel?

I would, but Michael Bay is already directing a live action Dora the Explorer. Doesn’t get scarier than that.

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3. What is your favorite bookish costume you’ve ever worn?

I don’t have an photo, but when I was in elementary school  my Dad made the most hardcore Wolverine costume ever. Even had retractable claws made out of bicycle spokes.

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4. What is the best bookish costume you’ve seen someone else wear?

Well, I mean, that’s the most incredible “basketball with a scarf” costume I have ever seen.


5. What literary villain is your favorite?

It would probably be Moriarty, the original Joker. Cunning, dangerous, and a twisted sense of humor who constantly challenges the hero to grow.

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6. Will you be visiting a haunted house this year?

No, not this year. I used to do Knott’s Scary Farm, but simply haven’t had the time.

7. Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go Trick-or-Treating?

Trick-or-Treating. Free candy. Almond Joys! What more could you ask for?

8. What’s the best Halloween song?

Is there really a competition?


9. What scares you the most about the writing process?

Is it good enough? Always a fear in the back of my mind.

10. Monster Mash – If you had to say your antagonist was a mix of two traditional monsters what would those be?



11. Would your MC be more scared of being left alone in a dark forest or an abandoned castle?

Neither. The whole not being able to stay dead and living in the burrows taught him to not be afraid of something so trivial. Now, ask him to make friends or work as a team, and he will be a little more timid.

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12. Does anyone in your WIP believe in ghosts?

Yes. They are a common occurrence. Echoes from song originating from long ago.

13. What character would last the longest in a scary movie?

well the main villain is no slouch…inspiration art


14. Good witch or bad witch – do you enjoy torturing the characters in your WIP or do you feel bad about it?

I don’t feel bad. The pain, the struggle, the storms, the trials…they build character, strengthen resolve, and help connect the character with the reader.

15. Pick a love interest from your WIP: would they be most likely to scream like a little kid or punch someone in the face if they were scared abruptly?

This is the inspiration I am using for Kurrin, the magically modified blind sword sage. You tell me.