A few websites that I find inspiring. I am still in the process of adding.

Jumping on the Blog Wagon

Written by none other than one of my sister in laws, this blog is far better than mine. And a whole lot less boring. Like seriously, if you want a good laugh and a heartfelt read, try it out.

Ask the Author

Written by one of my favorite authors, if you haven’t checked out the Patrick Bowers series do it NOW, this blog contains fantastic info on the ins and outs of being a storyteller.

Brandon Sanderson

Love this guy. A master storyteller that I got to meet in person in March of 2014, the guy is as genuine as they come. His site also contains a lot of great insight into writing.

Dolphins in Depth

Best website on Miami Dolphins info.

Jon Courson

One of my senior pastors and a fantastic teacher of the bible. His website offers through the bible teaching for free. Chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

Game Informer

I’ve been a subscriber for a number of years now and don’t regret it in the least. A big advantage they have over other websites is their commitment to journalistic integrity. Plus, they’re funny.

Strangers and Aliens

Science fiction. Fantasy. Imagination. Faith. These guys explore just about everything on their entertaining podcast episodes.


I’ve been a big fan of Bioware for years. I was honored to be one of their guests at e3 in 2013 and I continue to follow their forums with an active interest in their games. Simply put: they tell good stories.





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