The heart and soul of my writing craft: novels.

Creed: For God & Country
9033_168527815685_4843565_nPremise: His life is in shambles. His marriage is over. David Mathis sinks into his recliner contemplating suicide while waiting for an eviction notice to be slipped under his door. And it only gets worse from there as he discovers he’s not even human.

Creed: For God & Country is a sci-fi thriller. It’s Jason Bourne with a touch of X-Men. There’s a terrorist plot years in the making that will bring America to its knees. There’s a twisted villain who is driven into insanity by hatred and revenge. And then there is David Mathis. A down and out loser, desperate to save his daughter, and put through a roller coaster as memories of who he really is start to surface.

Tempting Fate Chronicles: A Grim Awakening


The first in what is planned as a six part fantasy saga, A Grim Awakening is a fantasy mystery with a hint of war drama and romance. I am not ready to reveal too many details at this point, but it is my present novel project and it will be epic. 🙂


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