Short Stories

I will occasionally throw one of these little guys onto the home page. You can come here to read a little blurb on what the short story is about before you read it. Short stories, for me, are often like white boards. They allow me to throw some ideas onto a page and discover whether or not it can work as a more fleshed out concept (i.e. novel or graphic novel). Bear in mine that some of them were written more than a decade ago.


Nebula is essentially my take on a “Superman.” Set in the future, Nebula is about a well meaning, but risk taking man who is accidentally cursed with the powers of a god. Defender of not only earth but the entire known universe, he wrestles with what his powers have cost him and wonders if he can ever be human again.

 Fear Effect

This was an experiment. The entire story is told form the prospective of a recorded diary. Set on Mars, this is a dabble in sci-fi horror.

Tempting Fate

I wrote this for a mystery class I had in college. This story gave me base ideas that I am implementing into A Grim Awakening. This is a straight up YA fantasy mystery.


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