Godzilla: The Game We Need

Fresh off the heels of learning Godzilla vs Kong has been moved up to a March release (plus another 0.05 second teaser!), I figured it’s about time we get a next generation game the G-Man deserves. His current library of entries is less than spectacular, to say the least. No worries. Here are 5 ways that will ensure the big lizard gets his fair shake:

1. True Next Gen Experience

No lazy, just cashing in on the license game development. No. 4k visuals. 60fps. Smooth gameplay. Polished controls. Monsters have weight. Proper physics. All the next generation goodies like Ray Tracing and Shaders. Night/Day cycle with weather effects. Spine tingling sound effects mixed with a riveting soundtrack. A control scheme that rocks. A fighting system that never grows old. Like Rampage meets Destroy All Monsters meets Awesome.

2. Maximum Destruction

Everything can be destroyed. Buildings, streets, cars, trains, and everything in between. Explosions, crumbling buildings, windows shattering at the sound of roars, downed power lines, ruptured water pipes flooding the streets, and tsunamis created in the wake of behemoths surfacing from the ocean depths. Advanced AI. Humans scrambling an awesome military to launch counter strikes. Like I said before, Rampage on steroids.

3. The Whole Catalogue

Every variant of Godzilla. Every monster ever introduced. Each with their own unique feel, attacks, and approach to combat. Include a Customize Your Monster mechanic just for kicks, but with all the bells and whistles. I want full-sized monster combat with all the carnage and cheesy goodness.

4. An Entertaining Story

This doesn’t have to be a Tale of Two Cities. Maybe just include levels pulled from 25 of the greatest Godzilla moments ever. Future story DLC can add another 25 moments. Give me enough single player content to be entertained and a deep enough multiplayer to keep coming back.

5. Mortal Kombat This Baby

Ok. So Mortal Kombat includes franchises like Robocop, Terminator, TMNT, and Rambo. Why can’t Godzilla have DLC including Pacific Rim, Gundam, Attack of the Titans, Dragon Ball, and Naruto? You could also throw in King Kong, War of the Worlds, DC & Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Iron Giant, and Demon Slayer. Maybe each system gets exclusives (Xbox – Halo, Sony – God of War, Nintendo – Zelda). Imagine tackling Godzilla Earth with the Avengers? Or stopping Shin Godzilla with giant mechs? Maybe Godzilla vs Mega Kiju?!? Or playing as Godzilla and giving Goku a beat down? The sky is the limit if done right.

Nintendo 2021 Forecast

While I was surprised Nintendo started off the year by purchasing Next Level Games, I don’t see them making any additional purchases for the remainder of the year. Still, I think it’s a great move by Nintendo and signals we may be in for a big year for the Switch.

1. Celebrations Galore!

For Nintendo, this is a year for celebrations and anniversaries. Zelda. Metroid. Pokémon. Three massive franchises that will hopefully all be getting a ton of love. Pokémon Snap and remasters of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Metroid Prime Trilogy remastered, porting over Metroid 2, and possibly releasing Metroid Prime 4. A Zelda All-Star Collection with Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and Skyward Sword. Breath of the Wilds 2. I would love a “Link’s Awakening” like remaster of A Link to the Past.

2. First Party Thrives

Super Mario World 3-D + Bower’s Fury is a great start. I would love to see a Mario Kart 9 and a new edition to Donkey Kong Adventures. F-Zero? Star Fox? Mario Golf? A new Kirby adventure? I think we are in for a massive explosion of great 1st party releases in 2021.

3. More Exclusives & Ports

I immediately think of Monster Hunter Rise, Bayonetta 3, and No More Heroes. With the success and dominance of the Switch now an established fact, I suspect the floodgates are going to burst forth with even more incredible games to an ever growing library of awesome. And I do mean awesome. I love playing on my Switch.

4. Nintendo Switch Pro

Capitalize on the popularity of the Switch and the excitement over next gen by releasing an updated Switch. OLED screen capable of producing 1080p and 60fps on handheld and a dock that can not only hold multiple cartages but also give you 4k goodness on the big screen. More RAM, improved joysticks, more battery life, and maybe even an upgraded pro controller. Upgrade your entire library with a Switch capable of playing next gen ports? Sign me up.

5. Overhaul the Internet Service

Xbox Live Nintendo Online Service is not. It needs a massive overhaul, with improvements to every facet. It’s at the point where I would love if Nintendo just used someone like Mircosoft to do it for them. Their online is that outdated and is holding them back. It’s becoming more apparent with cloud gaming.

Bonus: I really want a Godzilla port of some kind in the vein of Destroy All Monsters. Also, where is Mass Effect and Dragon Age? How about KOTOR and Jade Empire? Fallout 4? Dishonored 1 & 2? Batman Arkham Knight? Shadow of Mordor? Bring on the ports.

My e3 2015 Predictions


The “Re-mastered Generation” has stumbled out of the box. When I look over my PS4 collection and observe that its best games are The Last of Us, Diablo 3, and Tomb Raider, an issue arises. Where are the games that define this generation? Super Mario 64 pushed the N64 off selves. Super Metroid rocked our world when it popped up on the Super Nintendo. Sonic the Hedgehog breathed life into my Sega Genesis. Remember Shenmue and Powerstone for the Dreamcast? What about Metal Gear Solid for the PS1? I took a dive onto the Xbox for Halo. I plunged face first into the Xbox 360 for Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Dating back to the original Atari, I don’t recall a single time in gaming history where so many recycled titles dominated the shelves.

Destiny was rubbish. I can say that. For everything the game accomplished, it managed to do a lot more wrong. Let’s review: no story, a bare bones competitive multiplayer mode, a boring grind system, and a repetitive mission structure make for a dull experience. An experience that not even great core mechanics, beautiful visuals, and an excellent frame rate can overcome. Shadow of Mordor hinted at greatness, the nemesis system was real innovation, but its true potential remained unknown, held back by being produced for last generation consoles that are now ten years in age. Dragon Age: Inquisition was a return to form for Bioware, but nothing about it screamed, “This is the future of gaming!” Too many fetch quests combined with unimaginative side quests produced an experience that was good, but not great. I felt I could have enjoyed a similar experience playing it on the Xbox 360 as opposed to the PS4. This generation’s library of games remains average at best.

Add to the dearth of titles the rise of releasing half-finished products and the non-too subtle attempt at inching towards always online connectivity, and I am left wondering if it is worth continuing this hobby? What about virtual and augmented reality? Shouldn’t you perfect what you already have before moving on to the next big thing? Or is sinking into a pool of mediocrity to be the accepted norm? Don’t worry true believers: re-mastered versions of God of War 3, Alan Wake, and Final Fantasy X are set to join the re-mastered versions of Sleeping Dogs, GTA V, Devil May Cry, and the Master Chief Collection that already populate the shelves. Recycle. Recycle. Recycle.

Hope exists. Another e3 is on the horizon. A chance for redemption may be in play. Perhaps this sinking ship can be righted after all. Or maybe it is time for this old guy to put down the controller and move on to reading. Here are my top predictions/wishes for e3 2015:


Bethesda Steals the Show

They are already making history by announcing their own floor presentation. What do I expect? The Doom reboot, Dishonored 2, a dlc expansion for the Elder Scrolls MMO, and a new IP. I am hoping for Elder Scrolls VI. I think we may be surprised by what Bethsaida decides to do with Fallout. Many are expecting a sequel much in the vein of Fallout 3. What we may get is a trailer for a Fallout MMO instead. Not saying I like the idea, but there is evidence…


Bioware Continues their Resurrection  

An expansion, similar to Awakening, is shown for Dragon Age Inquisition. A trailer is shown for Mass Effect 4 with a release date pushing it to holiday 2016. Another teaser is flashed for their new IP, and their segment is ended by the announcement that the Mass Effect trilogy is coming to the PS4/Xbox One. My hope is not just for the routine 1080p/60fps with all the dlc treatment. I wish they would also fine tune the combat, give it another level of polish, add additional cut scenes, extend other cut scenes, and transfer the sound effect lessons they implemented in Mass Effect 3 into Mass Effect 1 and 2. A steel case, the soundtrack for the entire trilogy, an art book, and a disc that goes behind the scenes into the making of the entire trilogy would be an added bonus. Alas, I feel my expectations have me set up for a major disappointment. Hey, if you are going to re-master everything, might as well get it done right.


The Wii-U Swansong

My biggest hesitation last year with Nintendo was my worry that they would abandon the Wii-U and make a run on a new console. They haven’t abandoned the Wii-U, yet. The writing, however, is on the tombstone. The next system will be unveiled next year. If they’re smart, not only does it match the PS4/Xbox1 while introducing a remarkable innovation, it also hits store shelves holiday 2016. This creates a cloud over everything Nintendo decides to show at this e3. My mind is already looking to next year. What tricks do they have up their sleeves to recapture my attention to the Wii-U? Or is it already a lost cause?


PS4/Xbox 1 Come out Swinging…

With what? PS4 will likely tout exclusive games like Deep Down, Street Fighter V, and No Man’s Sky. Xbox will be all about Halo, Crackdown, Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Quantum Break. More re-masters will be shown off. More boring stats that no one cares about will be recited. My hope? PS4 shows off that top secret RPG that Guerilla Games is supposedly working on, a new IP is shown off by Quantic Dream, and a classic like Syphon Filter is reborn. Throw in some more indies, another third party exclusive, and cap it off by showing more footage from Uncharted 4 and a teaser for the next God of War (time to take on the Japanese pantheon), and you’ll have a winner. Xbox needs to hit the first party exclusive scene hard. Perfect Dark? Kameo? Banjo? The next Gears of War? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. How about bringing Starcraft and Overwatch over from Blizzard? Throw in a brand new killer IP, and they will be golden as well. Why? The taste of being burned in the last half of the Xbox 360’s cycle is still fresh in my mouth. The part where they shifted their focus from games to TV. Blow it up with first party exclusives for the second year in a row and that taste may be gone for good.


VR/Augmented Reality take Center Stage

This is unfortunate. Too many gimmicks have fallen flat on their faces over the last few years in the industry. Right the ship you’re sailing before you tether another boat lest both end up sinking. At least, that’s my take. I expect this season’s technological darling to receive an awful lot of limelight. We will see big promises. We may even be wowed by presentation. Just bear in mind reality. If the history of e3 presentations are anything to go by, looking at you Watch Dogs, keep yourself grounded in fact and do not be swayed by fancy fiction.

e3 2014 Review


Grade: C+
xbox one
Review: I was thrilled that Microsoft dedicated an entire e3 conference to games. And they managed to deliver a solid showing. As a big Halo fan, the Master Chief Collection should keep me satisfied until next fall’s Halo 5: Guardians arrives. However, it’s everything else that remains suspect. Scalebound looks promising, but Fable Legends appears to have lost all the magic that made the original so good (in my eyes, the series has been in serious decline since Lost Chapters). Crackdown 3…well, I am still aching from the mediocrity that was Crackdown 2, so that title has a lot to make up for. Project Spark looks like fun, but I have a bad feeling it will not live up to expectations. Sunset Overdrive looks funny, but I am still not sure what to think especially after hearing from numerous sources the game felt “floaty.” It hurts knowing that all the third party titles shown, given previous history, will look and run better on a PS4. Yea, they finally did the right thing by getting rid of the Kinect, but where does that leave the Xbox One? The entire system was built around the Kinect. Microsoft left this dilemma untouched for folks like me who have yet to purchase an Xbox One to ponder. And it is worrisome. The biggest highlight of the conference was Ori and the Blind Forest, which looked beautiful, but it’s not enough to justify a $400 purchase.
Next Time: The original Xbox had Halo and Knights of the Old Republic to convince me it was worth a purchase. The Xbox 360 had Halo 3 and Mass Effect. The Xbox One is in sore need of another AAA franchise. They really need a WOW moment. What about the Samaritan demo Epic showed off a couple years ago? A huge selling point for me would also be to make backwards compatibility a reality.

Grade: B
Review: Another solid showing even if the conference lost some steam with the awkwardness in the middle. Bloodborne, The Order 1886, Driveclub, and Little Big Planet 3 all look to be fine exclusives. I am not sure what to think of the exclusive title Let It Die, but at least it shows Sony is not afraid to take risks. The highlight of the show for me was definitely No Man’s Sky. And after confirming that the trailer showed for Uncharted 4 was running on the in-game engine, yea, that is a must buy title for next year. But that’s next year. What about this year? I am still left wondering what all the other Sony in-house studios are working on. And really, nothing shown made me think I need to run out and purchase a PS4 right this instant. The most exciting titles announced were multiplatform.
Next Time: Where was Last Guardian? How about that open world RPG Guerilla Games is working on? Games, games, games. That is what this system sorely needs. The potential is there and I know the games are coming. Offering up more teasers, surprises, and wow moments will knock the next conference out of the ballpark.

wii u
Grade: B-
Review: Welcome back, Big N. Legend of Zelda certainly offered up the WOW moment Nintendo needed to make the Wii U pop up on my radar. And with the success of Mario Kart 8 and another Smash Bros game due this fall, things are finally starting to look up for them as well. However, 3 major things give me caution: 1. The void that was third party support is deafening. It makes me wonder if this system will go the way of Gamecube. I would hate to purchase the system this year and next year have Nintendo release a new system. I can’t shake the feeling that this is a major possibility. 2. Hearing from a few sources that the Star Fox that was announced may be nothing more than a glorified tech demo disappointed me for sure. 3. Where was Metroid? Yea, as the conference came to a close we were left with a little tidbit that an announcement may be made in the near future. But here is the problem: delays. Everything on the Wii U feels like it is being delayed. Xenoblade. Smash Bros. The system is on life support as it is. It needs games, not delays. And see, this is where third party support would come in handy in keeping the system afloat.
Next Time: I need assurance that Nintendo doesn’t plan to abandon ship with the Wii U. This conference was a start in the right direction. But its baby steps when really Nintendo needs to be running. Unveil the games. Open the wallet for third party support. Oh, and how about allowing more than a single gamepad to work per Wii U?

Top 5

1. Witcher 3-It’s beautiful. The cities are thriving. The environments are so colorful. The combat looks fluid. This game continues to wow me with every showing.
2. Batman Arkham Knight-Batman done right. Everything I have seen from this final chapter of Rocksteady’s epic trilogy screams awesome. My only worry is story. Arkham Origins has had the best story of any of the Arkham games and that was even done by Rocksteady.
3. Dragon Age Inquisition-Bioware appears to have a megaton hit on their hands. I have loved everything I have seen and greatly appreciate that Bioware’s pledge to listen to fan feedback wasn’t lip service. My only gripe? The cities. Or lack thereof. Will there be cities to explore? And will they be as thriving as they are in Witcher 3 or will all the NPC’s be stuck in mud?
4. No Man’s Sky-The idea of exploring an infinite galaxy sounds incredible. The atmosphere looked beautiful. And every player starts the game on a different planet? How cool! But will this game live up to the ambitions of its creators?
5. Evolve-I came into this e3 without a concern or care in the world for this game. After watching it in action, I can safely say I was so wrong for ignoring it. Fun is the word that best describes it. An incredible amount of fun.


1. Lego Batman 3. Ok, don’t laugh. I loved Marvel Superheroes. And this comes from someone who is not the biggest fan of Lego games. So color me surprised when I saw this and thought, “Wow, that looks like a blast.” I’m keeping this on my radar although I am not guaranteeing a purchase. Not just yet.
2. Shadow of Mordor. I’m sold. The Nemesis system is one of the best things to happen to this new generation of consoles. The game looks and feels great. If the story can be on par from the gameplay that was shown than this will end up being the LOTR game I have always wanted.
rainbow six
3. Rainbow Six Siege. I’m a little sad that Patriots was canceled after showing so much promise. However, the hostage situation multiplayer matches looked fantastic. It made you think. It made you sweat. If this game can continue down this path it will not only distinguish itself from COD and Battlefield, it will also be a blockbuster hit.

Honorable Mention

Far Cry 4-The game looked beautiful. I have major concerns with story. I also question Ubisoft’s ability to create a living world. And does there need to be so much profanity? It may be an attempt to come across as cool, but to me it is just lazy writing.
Assassin’s Creed: Unity-Perfect time period selected what with it taking place during the French Revolution. Four player co-op? Yes. I was particularly intrigued by the murder scene investigation the player stumbled across. However, I am a bit turned off but what I feel is too much hand-holding in Ubisoft’s games. Also, after Assassin’s Creed 3, I am still fatigued with the series. So much so that I never bothered played Black Flag. This game has my attention, but it is surely divided at this point.

1. Mass Effect Trilogy-So maybe I got my hopes up. But seriously, this would have been awesome to have on the next gen consoles. 1080p/60 fps, all dlc included, and the combat in ME 1 tweaked to perfection. But the conference came and went without even a whisper of its existence.
2. Mass Effect 4-Concept art? Really? The game is playable, but all we get is concept art? Listen, I know you don’t want take the attention away from DAI, but still. A teaser trailer would have been significantly better than a few pieces of concept art.
3. Bioware’s New IP-Ok…what did I just see? A building. Day and night cycle. Right. What’s the point? Give me a name. A teaser trailer. Something to latch my excitement upon. This felt absolutely pointless.
4. Star Wars Battlefront-I get it. You went to some locations. You’re staying true to the Star Wars brand. But this feels like a theme that was pretty consistent with the entire EA conference. We have lots of cookies in the oven, but nothing to show right now. Like, nothing. No teasers. No game footage. Nothing. I don’t know whether to be excited or stumped. Therefore, I am left disappointed.
5. Last Guardian –You vehemently defend the notion the title is not canceled, but can’t so much as show a building with a day and night cycle. Man, we got that from Bioware’s IP. And what, Last Guardian has only been in development since the rise of the Grecian Empire under Alexander the Great. If it’s canceled, admit it. If it’s in development, then show it. At this point, you need make a decision and stick with it.

Overall, e3 2014 was a “Play It Safe” event. I understand the reasons. However, the lack of WOW moments has made what was a solid show mostly forgettable.

One Man’s Junk

We forsook the aged for youth.  We placed our value on progress over understanding, innovation over experience, instant gratification over pondering consequences.  In short, evidences of our great knowledge are everywhere, but wisdom is seldom found

This dilemma has no other explanation.  The digital revolution brought us e-books and mp3’s.  Television and movies can be streamed.  Comics, magazines, and newspapers can all be read on tablets.  We are fine with this because of convenience.  We are enamored with it because the technology looks so pretty and smells so good.  We have failed to consider the long term impact on intellectual property rights of the goods we buy.

When book stores and comic shops completely go the way of record stores, perhaps then that cartoon light bulb will flicker on above our heads.  Loss of ownership over the goods we buy?  Nonsense, right?  Yet, that is preciously what has been gradually happening in the interactive entertainment industry.

Imagine the repercussions a ban on used items could have.  You would be paying for the right to “borrow” items to live on and those said items can be stripped from you at a moments notice.

That’s the attitude behind proposals to eliminate the sale of used games.  One idea gaining a lot of steam is inserting a chip into next generation consoles that disable them from playing used games unless you pay a rental fee.  Game publishers protest that they are not making money off the sale of used games.  However, authors don’t cry they don’t make a penny off used book sales.  Directors don’t hide their heads in shame over the sale of used DVDs.  What makes games any different?

It began with the digital revolution.  Today it is common place for new games to be released as bug filled messes.  It can be patched later, if they get around to it.  In order to inflate the price of the game past $60, certain elements are packed into downloadable chunks and sold separately.  Buy the game used and you are forced to pay for an online pass.  Don’t think for a moment that other industries are not taking notice.

Who owns the property you buy?  Well, if its 100 percent digital, it’s easy for publishers to say they do.  You are paying to be entertained by it and no more.  Your rights to use can be canceled at any time and will be nonrefundable.  We are essentially feeding a big, bad wolf that will turn on us at any moment.

A clear message needs to be sent by us, the consumers.  Corporations are deaf to protest rallies, picket lines, and angry letters.  The only thing they listen to are dollar signs.  We must speak with our wallets.  If that chip goes into that system, I don’t buy it.  If the game is broken, it can stay that way on the shelf.

Yes, piracy is awful.  I understand that artists deserve to be paid for their work.  However, I am against hurting honest consumers, like you and me, because of a few rotten apples.  It’s time we ponder long and hard over the long term effects of a completely digital society.  Are these fancy technological advancements really to our benefit?  Or will it be to our decline?

By D.L. Timmerman